Zombie Gunship is A Gamers dream [Apps]

Are you a fan of Call of Duty? Zombies? The AC-130? Then you will love Zombie Gunship. Zombie Gunship puts you in an AC-130 to defend civilians trying to get to a safety bunker. Full review after the break!


The object of the game is very simple you start out with an AC-130 but here is the catch… They only give you the 25mm gun to start with, everything else you need to earn by getting points by killing zombies trying to invade the bunker. You can not kill civilians more than 3 times before the game ends. You can also buy points with in-app purchases but that costs REAL money.


Well you might think there is only zombies right? Well your wrong. There are zombies of course but then you get mutated GIANT zombies as well which I haven’t been able to kill with the 102mm gun. The zombies come in hordes of 20 in a pack and more and more keep coming and it is your job to make sure that most of the civilians get to the safety bunker.

Weapons and Upgrades

So well what are your weapons? Obviously you get what the AC-130 supplies, but you have to work a little bit to have the full functionality of it. When you first start the game you start off with a 25mm gun and you have to kill as much zombies as you can to get points which again can be bought with REAL money. You can buy up to 105mm and upgrade reload time, blast radius, and velocity along with buying armor for your base.


If you are a Call Of Duty fan that loves zombies from treyarch and the AC-130 in MW2 than this game is for you. Also if you just love blowing up zombies than this game is for you as well. I personally love this game and the only thing they need to add is multiplayer because it does get hard after a while there is just to many zombies! I give this a 4/5 until they add multiplayer. If you wanna buy this game it is 99¢ and it is for the iPhone and iPad![iTunes Link]



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