How to enable wifi sync in iOS 5 [Tips]

I want to start doing some tips for the new iOS 5 software as some people might not know how to use it as well as they can and can’t take advantage of what they can do! So today’s tip is how to sync over a wifi connection using iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5.

1. Plug in your iOS device into your computer

2. Select your iOS device in the sidebar in iTunes

3. In the check boxes in the summary pan select Sync Over Wifi.

4. Make sure your phone and computer are both on the same wifi network.

5.In iTunes either hit sync or just plug your iPhone into it’s charger at night (make sure your computer isn’t asleep or it WON’T sync)

So there you go! How to make it so you can sync automatically with iTunes when your asleep or over wifi in general.



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